AllType Typeface Converter allows you to convert font files  between nearly all scalable type formats including PostScript Type 1, Type 3 and Intellifont. It also gives you the ability to generate variations on a typeface such as condensed, hollowed and obliqued. US$149

TT Convertor 1,5  - This program is useful for MAC users. It helps you to convert all the PC-fonts into MAC-fonts. Freeware

TransType for Mac or PC. Converts fonts between platforms both ways. US$97

TypeTool is billed as a font editor, but it does a great job of converting fonts between TrueType and Type 1 formats. Available on both Mac and PC. US$99

Easy Fonts v2.1 for Windows Automagically converts TrueType fonts to the CHR format used by Borland languages. The conversion is instantaneous!  Shareware.  Size: 24 kB.

ScanFont - converts images (bitmaps like scans, clipart, handwriting, logos, etc.) into vector fonts. US$99-199

FONmaker - converts vector fonts (TT or T1) into various bitmap formats: SFP, SFL, BDF, FON, FNT. US$99

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