Font F/X is an easy to use program with a unique 3D intuitive user interface that renders quickly with incredible photo-realism. Create dramatic text images and fantastic 3D effects easily. US$19.95

Jintek - has three Macintosh font plug-ins: Type Chameleon (vector type effects for Photoshop), Twister XT (vector type effects for Quark XPress), and 3DXPress XT (3D type for Quark Xpress).

HTML Font Colorizer is a product for Web authors that does only one thing and does it quite well. It calculates the color codes (like #18E700) for creating a line of text that gradually shifts from one color to another. It then creates the proper FONT parameter tags for you to include on your Web pages. You work from the standard Windows palette and can see the results almost as fast as you can type. Once you have the desired design, the Colorizer copies it to the Clipboard, ready for insertion into your total page design. You can also choose the font itself, from a drop-down selection list. Freeware.

TypeStyler 3 is an alternative to hand drawn or phototypeset styled type. Projects that used to take hours can now be done in minutes. TypeStyler 3 is a complete desktop publishing tool, providing the full range of features needed to quickly design, layout and print headline text and logos, as well as complete ads, signage, packaging and web site graphics. Mac US$295.

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