AKI Font Downloader is an easy-to-use PostScript font downloader. PostScript fonts can be simply dragged from the desktop to the output device. Fonts can be downloaded to either the output device's memory or attached hard disk.

FontIncluder2 - a font embedding tool.

FontDoctor can diagnose and repair font tables, font ID conflicts, duplicate fonts, mixed font types, missing bitmaps, and more. You can print font sample pages and diagnostic reports.

NewApps Font Management Tools - Another fairly extensive collection of shareware and freeware font utilities.

Simtel.net Windows 3.x Collection of Fonts and Font Utilities - An interesting assortment of utilities and fonts, including the hard-to-find FontMonster3.5 and TipoMaker: The Typebook maker.

Windows 95/98 Font Management Tools - This site has listings of about 50 font utilities. Good descriptions and links.

Font Finder - Maybe somebody already made the font you want. This site has all the ways to find it.

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