FontLab 3 - the superstar of font editors. Does everything but wash the dishes. Mac and Windows versions. US$399.

XmBDFEditor is a Motif/X11-based BDF font editor.

Softy allows you to create and update TrueType and bitmap fonts. It runs under Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT), and requires a 386 or better. Supported bitmap font formats are at present Windows FON and FNT, and LaserJet SFP and SFL soft fonts. Shareware US$25

TypeTool is your basic font editor. Creates TT or T1 fonts and allows conversion between the formats. You can draw and edit glyphs. Add or change font header info. US$99

FontEdit, the LaserJet bitmapped font editor for DOS.  Shareware US$30

Composer - CJKVU font editor for those huge Unicode or Far Eastern double-byte fonts. US$799

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