Font Tools

There is a plethora of font tools available on the web. some are free, some shareware, others commercial. We've collected as many as we could find here so that you can pick and choose and judge which are best for you. If you find others - or if you have comments about these - please let us know.

We've broken these typography utilities down into several categories so as to make it easier to find what you want. As the offerings multiply the categories may also increase.

Font Managers - are tools for organizing the collection of typefaces on your computer. Their basic function is to allow you to group fonts in different categories. Some allow you to install and uninstall groups of fonts plus other more sophisticated maneuvers.

Font Editors - allow you to change typeface glyphs and characteristics - or even to create your own new ones.

Convertors - change fonts from one spec to another. They might change platform formats (Mac <-> Windows) or mathematical formats (Truetype <-> Type 1) or file formats (bitmap <-> vector)

Previewers - give you a look at a font or a comparison of two or more fonts without having to install them. Some print out specimens or booklets or pages of samples.

Miscellaneous - tools we couldn't classify elsewhere and links to other font tool collections

FX - special effects tools for typography.

Font Finder - Maybe somebody already made the font you want. This site has all the ways to find it.

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